With two other Mountain Men we successfully kickstarted, produced and distributed the card game Sign. Sign is a quick and fast-paced card game designed for friend or family. It can be described as a mix of Poker and Set because of the intricate card design. Sign plays fast, which makes it an ideal evening starter or can be played at caf├ęs or bars. Players form teams and create non-verbal signs to win. Once a round begins players must collect a set of five cards with the same symbol. The rules seem simple, but it quickly becomes difficult when you must pay attention to all the players and collect cards at the same time, without turns.

My role

Game Designer

Graphic Designer






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A tricky fast-paced social bluffing game for teams!


While playing Sign the suspense will rapidly build. Cards will fly across the table followed by mischievous glances back and forth! You look into her eyes, what is she hiding? Was that a Sign? Or is she on to you?! Have you got what it takes to play?


Reviewed by more than 25 reviewers and websites, featured in multiple magazines (incl. SpielBox magazine) and shipped to 21 countries worldwide! The Mountain Men Kickstarted the small card game Sign (as Tamps) in 2016 and was internationally launched in 2017. Not one year later we sold over 2500 copies, and which has grown to around 4000 in later years. Completely self-published! In later years Sign was published in 4 new languages and shipped as far as Japan.